Join Us In Long Beach

We are dedicated to providing opportunities to all athletes!

The Long Beach Marathon and Half Marathon is dedicated to providing opportunities to all athletes, regardless of physical challenges. We encourage athletes with physical disabilities to join us and participate on race day.

Challenged Athlete Division (Wheelchair & Pushrim racers)

Our Challenged Athlete Division includes Pushrim and Handcycle racers in the full marathon. We offer cash prizes to the top three male and top three female traditional Pushrim racers for the full marathon category only. Other non-traditional, human-powered wheelchair users are also encouraged to participate.

Challenged Athlete Division participants have a separate start time from the public race, which allows for safer navigation of the course for both our athletes and our public runners. We also offer pre and post-race assistance, including preferred parking near the race start and finish line festival, and access to our secure, private finish line tent where your personal items (extra wheelchairs, personal items, etc.) can be stored safely throughout race day.

When registering for any of the events, please be sure to indicate that you are competing in the Challenged Athlete Division. Please contact our Challenged Athlete Coordinator with any questions.

Physically Challenged Athlete Support (Including Visually Impaired, Hearing Impaired, Amputee, etc)

In addition to the separate Challenged Athlete Division, we also provide race day assistance to individuals with other physical disabilities participating in any of the racing events on an individual, as-needed basis. Amenities can include preferred parking on race day, and access to our private Challenged Athlete finish line tent where personal items may be stored securely.

Our goal is to make your race day experience as enjoyable as possible. If you have any special requests or have any questions, please contact, to speak with our Challenged Athlete Coordinator.