The Full Marathon course starts and ends at sea level, adjacent to a marina, in the middle of the course that hosts the Long Beach Grand Prix in the spring.  As the sun rises behind you, you will head out into the shadows of the vibrant downtown of the 36th largest city in the United States.  Runners will navigate the Queensway Bridge, circle the picturesque Shoreline Park Lighthouse and Rainbow Harbor. Feel the ocean air and marvel in the sights and sounds of more than ten miles worth of spectacular oceanfront views. The sea breeze will follow you as you traverse a myriad of iconic landmarks like the Queen Mary and the Pyramid on campus at California State University Long Beach. The locals will support you as you hit the residential neighborhoods and popular locations like Belmont Shore, Marine Stadium and Colorado Lagoon.  The course is fast, flat and scenic. The highest elevation on the course is a mere 83 feet.



Starting on Shoreline Drive, you pass the Ferris Wheel and other attractions at The Pike and for moment you will have the unique opportunity to run on an interstate highway, the 710. Cross over the Queensway Bridge and run to the bow of the Queen Mary. Then you will circle back around the Aquarium of the Pacific, the Lighthouse at Rainbow Harbor, Pierpoint Landing, and head through Shoreline Village towards the beach.

At approximately mile 10.5 is “the split” where the half marathoners continue west on Ocean Blvd. towards the finish line. As a marathoner, you will turn east on Ocean Blvd. to Livingston and pass through beautiful Belmont Shore. Miles 12-13 take in the spectacular scenery of Marine Stadium, making a U-Turn at the end. After leaving Marine Stadium, circle Colorado Lagoon and head towards California State University, Long Beach. Miles 17, 18, and 19 travel through the campus of California State University, Long Beach and pass the Pyramid Sports Complex. The University campus always has great student support, due to this, many runners say this is the highlight of the course.

After passing Recreation Park, Blair Field and the Colorado Lagoon, you are on the homestretch to the finish line. When you turn right on Ocean Blvd you will be rejoining the half marathoners who share your finish line, but not your glory. Passing alongside beautiful Bixby Park you will head through “the corridor” after mile 25 before reaching downtown. The celebration begins in earnest after a left turn from Ocean Blvd. onto Shoreline Drive for the slight downhill finish directly across from the Marina Green Finish Line Festival.

CSULB Highlights

Over 5,000 students and supporters including the CSULB cheerleaders, pep band, and the school’s mascot, Prospector Pete, welcome runners as they enter campus. Bands, athletic teams, Greek organizations and student groups will line the course and cheer.


There are a few slight hills on the course including bridges between miles 2-3. The Queensway bridge is a slight incline over the bay towards the Queen Mary. On Nieto between Broadway and Appian Way (miles 11.5 & 23), there is a short hill by Rogers Middle School. Mile 17.5 takes the runners up a hill traveling from lower campus to upper campus at California State University, Long Beach. Mile 18.5 presents a steep, but short downhill on campus. Approaching Mile 21, there is a quarter-mile incline on Clark to Pacific Coast Highway.

Course Time Limits

The time limit is 7.5 hours starting from the 6:00 am start time.


The CLIF Bar Pace Team will be leading the way for the following marathon times:

3:05, 3:15, 3:25, 3:35, 3:45, 4:00, 4:15, 4:30, 5:00, and 5:30.

2014 Aid Stations

Aid stations begin at mile 2 and will be located approximately every mile on the course with water and different energy at certain stations. Scroll down to see the specific energy stops along the course including Powerade or CLIF SHOTs or both.

There will be medical personnel at 6 Medical Aid Stations on course and at the Main Medical Station at the Finish Line. Need medical help? Here are the medical stations throughout the course:

  • Station 1- Main Medical Tent at Start/Finish Line, northeast corner of Shoreline Dr. and Linden Ave.
  • Station 2- Mile 6.5, Access Rd. and Shoreline Village Dr.
  • Station 3- Mile 12/23, water station located at Will Rogers Mini Park on Appian Way and Nieto Ave.
  • Station 4- Mile 15/21, water station on southwest corner of Park Ave. and Anaheim St.
  • Station 5- Mile 16/20, Whaley Park on north side of Atherton St. at San Anseline Ave.
  • Station 6- Mile 18, first center median at the bottom of E. Campus Dr. at curve to State University Dr.
  • Station 7- Mile 24, Ocean Blvd. and Loma Ave.

Each on-course Medical Aid Station will be stocked with CLIF SHOT to help you get back on your feet and running again. Look for the Red Shirts on the course if you need any assistance!

Energy Stations

These stations are there to energize you to the finish line! Either PowerAde or Clif Shots will be available at the following stations. Remember they are not available at all stations.

  • CLIF SHOT is all about delivering great-tasting, scientifically-backed, and sustainably-produced products to performance athletes. In other words, energy food can taste great and be made from good-for-the-planet ingredients. It’s that simple. The flavors include Chocolate, Citrus, Mocha, Razz, Strawberry and Vanilla
  • CLIF SHOT stations will be at Mile 10 for the Half and Full Marathon and Miles 16 and 20 for the Full Marathon.
  • Powerade is our on course energy drink. It will be at the water stations located at even-numbered mile markers. Check out the map for a visual of where Powerade will be located.
  • Powerade energy drink will be served at miles 4.5, 6.5, 9, 11/23, 14/22, 16/20, 18, and 24/11

Water Stations

Hydration is key while running! Stop by any of our energetic water stations at  2, 3, 4.5, 5.5, 6.5 7.5, 9, 10, 11.5, 13, 14.5/22, 15.5/21, 16.5/20, 17, 18, 19, 24/11, and 25/12.

Kool ‘N Fit Sport

As you approach “the wall” between mile 9 and mile 16/20, rejuvenate those tired and aching muscles at the KOOL ‘N FIT SPORT Spray Station. The only ALL NATURAL Muscle Conditioning Spray. Since 1984, athletes all over the world have been spraying themselves down- before, during and after competition with Kool ‘N Fit Sport to “Compete at their peak!”.

Volunteers will be ready with KOOL ‘N FIT Sport Muscle Conditioning Spray to bring welcome relief to cramped, tired, burning muscles as runners close in on their goal…the finish line! KOOL ‘N FIT Sport Muscle Conditioning Spray is the “Official External Muscle Conditioning Spray” of the Long Beach International City Bank Marathon.” For more information, visit WWW.KOOLNFITSPORT.COM.




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