Make it Easy to Arrive

  • Plan to arrive at least 90 minutes early! With several thousand people arriving over an hour or two, traffic into Long Beach is significant. It can take 30 to 45 minutes from the freeway to the parking facility.
  • Pre-purchase your parking online. You will get a pass and a map to quickly direct you to the correct lots.
  • The Convention Center charges $10.00 for parking and the City lots charge $8.00 (pre-paid parking is $8.00).
  • The Convention Center and Pike parking lots are both within walking distance to the start/finish line area.
  • If you park in the lots along or off Broadway, you should WALK east to Pine and turn right, and take Pine past the Convention Center and the Hyatt Hotel, turn left on Shoreline Drive to the Starting Line.

Resident Info

Are you a Long Beach resident who needs to get in and out on race day? The 2014 Resident Information Flyer (available August 2014) will have all of the information you will need if you will be out and about including course closure times and a map, specific street closures and times, egress and ingress instructions, an event schedule and what to do if you would like to spectate. If you have specific questions, please email us.

Don't Deal with Traffic! Take the Metro or Bus!

Make it easier on yourself, and don’t drive and have to find parking. Take the Blue Line to downtown Long Beach to within a few blocks of the Starting and Finish Line!* Go to WWW.METRO.NET.

*Please note that the first Blue Line departure is at 5:00am. If your start time is 6:00am, it is recommended that you find alternate means of transportation.

Please go to for Long Beach City bus schedules and maps.

The Aqualink

Free Shuttle boat info for runners staying at the Queen Mary, Maya, or Residence Inn Hotels:

  • Before the race, there will be an AquaLink shuttle boat that will take runners and their family members to the “birdcage” (Dock #4, Pine Ave.) near the start of the races (please walk across the birdcage bridge to access the start of the race).
  • This shuttle boat will depart from the Dock near the bow of the Queen Mary Hotel at 5:30am and will continue shuttling passengers back and forth until 9:30am.
  • Runners staying at the Residence Inn and Maya Hotel will need to walk to the Dock at the Queen Mary to catch the shuttle.
  • After the race, runners will return via the Passport C Bus which will also be free for runners. Please click this link for the scheduled stop locations and times: click HERE.




Convention Center Parking

The most convenient race day parking is in the Convention Center/Arena/Terrace Theater parking lots. In these lots, there is an $10.00 charge for parking. These lots are located adjacent to the Long Beach Arena and the official Start/Finish lines for the event. The Long Beach Arena is the circular blue building with the seascape mural.

Click HERE to go to the Long Beach Convention Center Website

To print out a PDF Map with directions click HERE

Pike Parking

Additional parking is available at the Pike Parking Structure.

To pre-pay online click  HERE.
Any runner who parks in the Pike Parking structure for bib-pick up on Friday or Saturday and purchases or shows proof of purchase for a pre-paid parking pass, Pike Parking will validate their parking for 90 minutes free and $2.00 for 3 hours.

To view driving instructions, click HERE.

Please note that prepaid parking passes for The Pike Parking Structure are not valid for the Convention Center parking lot.

City Lot Parking

Various off-site city lots offer pre-paid parking options for race morning.

Please click HERE to purchase parking in one of these lots.

Parking Facilities

Please click HERE to see a PARKING MAP for the following parking options.

  • Long Beach Arena lot (see directions below)*
  • Terrace & Center Theatre lot
  • Westin Hotel (Broadway to Long Beach Blvd., turn right on Long Beach Blvd., parking garage on the left)
  • Landmark Building garage (Broadway, turn right on Pine Ave. , garage on right side)
  • Civic Center garage (Broadway just past Magnolia, garage on right side)
  • Courthouse garage (Broadway, turn right on Magnolia, garage on right side)



Within Long Beach

Take Alamitos Ave south (from PCH or 7th Street) to Ocean Blvd and turn right. Take Ocean Blvd to Linden Ave. Turn left on Linden Ave and follow to Seaside Way. Turn left on Seaside Way. Park in the Convention Center/Arena & Terrace Theater lots adjacent to Seaside Way.

From Los Angeles

  • Take the San Diego Freeway (405) south to Long Beach Freeway (710). Exit at Downtown/Broadway. Take Broadway, PCH or Anaheim to Pine Ave, turn right on Pine Ave, cross over Ocean Blvd to Seaside Way. Turn left on Seaside Way. The Convention Center parking lot will be on right side.
  • Take the San Diego Freeway (405) south to Long Beach Blvd or Atlantic Blvd. Go south to downtown until Ocean Blvd. Take Ocean Blvd to Linden Ave (right from Atlantic Ave or left from Long Beach Blvd) Take Linden Ave south to Seaside Way and turn left to enter the Long Beach Arena Parking Lot.

From Southern Orange County and San Diego

  • Take the San Diego Freeway (405) north to the Long Beach Freeway (710) to Long Beach. Take Broadway Ave to Pine Ave; turn right on Pine, PCH, and Anaheim exit. Proceed to Pine Ave and then turn right. Take Pine Ave to Seaside Way and turn left to enter the Convention Center parking lot.
  • Take the San Diego Freeway (405) North to Atlantic Blvd or Long Beach Blvd. Go south to downtown until Ocean Blvd. Take Ocean Blvd to Linden Ave (right from Atlantic Ave or left from Long Beach Blvd). Take Linden Ave south to Seaside Way and turn left to enter the Long Beach Arena parking lot.

*Do not take the 7th Street exit off the 22 or 405 freeways after 5 a.m. due to road closures.



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