Cheer For All Participants


spectators1_retroRace Day Schedule
Sunday, Oct 12th

Starting line at Shoreline Drive between Linden and Pine
6:00 am Marathon
6:00 am Bike Tour*
7:30 am Half-Marathon Waves Start
8:30 am 5K Run / Walk
7am-2pm Finish Line Festival

*The Bike Tour has a different start line and finish line.


Spectator Hints

What should I bring with me?

This is most likely going to be a long day, so it is helpful to be prepared.  As the weather in October can be a bit unpredictable, dress in layers and wear comfortable shoes.  Other items to bring include snacks, water, noisemakers, a watch, a camera and your cell phone.

How can I be sure my runner and I see each other during the race?

Plan on dressing in something brightly colored or distinctive.  This will make it easier for your runner to find you during and after the race.  Communicate with your runner before the race so he/she will know what to look for.  Also, make a note of what your runner is wearing.

Can I bike or skate with my runner?

As much as your runner would appreciate it, for safety reasons bikes, other than those doing the bike tour, vehicles and spectators need to stay off the course to avoid interfering with the participants.  Also, please respect the property of others while you are spectating.

How can I be sure I see my runner finish?

If you want to see your runner finish, find out how long he/she thinks it will take to run the race.  Most runners can give you an estimated finish time with a best and a worst case scenario as well.

How do I find my runner at the Finish Line Festival?

Determine a meeting place the night before.  The Finish Line Festival can be confusing and hectic for a tired runner. Make sure to look at a map.

What if my runner needs medical attention?

There will be medical stations in 8 locations on the course as well as the finish line.  They will be able to access the medical tent after crossing the finish line.


spectators2_retroTop Viewing Areas

There are many beautiful and fun places that fans can support their friends and loved ones on our loop course.

  • Start/Finish Areas – This is a loop course so the runners will return back to the same place. Enjoy the food, drinks and entertainment as you cheer.
  • Bike Path (miles 7-10) – The runners will enter the bike path near Alfredo’s Rentals and continue along the beach to Bayshore Ave. Don’t forget to head up to Ocean Blvd. to get another view of the runners!
  • Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool (mile 9) – There is a huge grass area here to relax on while you wait for the runners.
  • Livingston Dr. and Marine Stadium (miles 11, 12, 13 and 23) – At this stop you will have a chance to cheer on the marathoners at the mid and end points of the race. Marine Stadium has nearby neighborhood parking and restrooms.
  • Colorado Lagoon (miles 14 and 22.5) – Colorado Lagoon is surrounded by beautiful grass areas. It’s only a short walk across the lagoon area from mile 14 to catch the runners again at mile 22.5.
  • Cal State University, Long Beach (miles 17-20) – This is the point in the race when runners start to “hit the wall”.
  • Ocean Ave. between Livingston and Alamitos (miles 24-26 or 11-13 for half marathoners) – You will be able to encourage both the half and full marathoners as they finish.
Parking & Directions


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