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Long Beach Combo | Beach Cities Challenge

Are you ready to tackle the “LBC” in 2021?  The Long Beach Marathon & Half Marathon race weekend has a distance for everyone of all abilities. Your race, your way – you can choose to run the Marathon, Half Marathon, Aquarium of the Pacific 5k, or ride the 20 mile Bike Tour.

 Take part in the Long Beach Combo, or “LBC” for short!  Participants simply must finish two events over the course of race weekend to earn an extra medal.

“LBC” Options:


Half Marathon (Sunday, 10/10) + Aquarium of the Pacific 5k (Saturday, 10/9)


Marathon (Sunday, 10/10) + Aquarium of the Pacific 5k (Saturday, 10/9)


Bike Tour (Sunday, 10/10) + Aquarium of the Pacific 5k (Saturday, 10/9)


Bike Tour (Sunday, 10/10) + Half Marathon (Sunday, 10/10)

Long Beach Combo


Participants must finish two events over the course of the Long Beach Marathon and Half Marathon event weekend. The only eligible events to complete the challenge are: Marathon, Half Marathon, 20 Mile Bike Tour, Aquarium of the Pacific 5K.

Participants will not receive a combined time for participating in multiple events (the 20 Mile Bike Tour is an untimed ride).


Beach Cities Challenge

Cruise the Beach Cities for Your Next Challenge!

Pacific Coast Highway never looked so good! Tackle the Beach Cities Challenge by completing, in consecutive order, any combo of marathons or half marathons at the Surf City Marathon (September.), the SDCCU OC Marathon (November), and the Long Beach Marathon (Oct.).

Beach Cities Challenge


Runners must complete any combination of full or half marathons in each of the three events in consecutive order, starting with any of the three events.

For example, if a runner started the series at Surf City Marathon in 2019, s/he must complete OC Marathon 2019 and Long Beach Marathon 2019 to qualify for the reward.

If a runner misses even one event in consecutive order, the runner will automatically be disqualified, and they must start over. No separate registration is required to join the Challenge.


How do I sign up for the “LBC – Long Beach Combo”?

Participants wishing to get the “LBC” medal do not need to sign up for the challenge. Simply register for the two events you wish to complete during event weekend. When picking up your bibs at the Race Expo, you will receive an “LBC” stamp that will denote you are participating in the challenge.

When/Where Will I Receive My Medal?

You will receive your “LBC” medal on race day, Sunday, October 4th after your final race. Look for the “Challenge Medals” tent on Marina Green to pick-up your medal.

Race Day Instructions for Long Beach Marathon

Pick up your bib at the Race Expo and be sure to get it stamped with the “LBC” stamp. Without the stamp, you will not be able to be pick up your medal after the race. If your bib is not stamped, please visit the “Solutions” table at the Race Expo.

Medals will be available for pick-up at the “Challenge Medals” tent on Marina Green after your Sunday race.

Medals must be picked up at the “Challenge Medals” tent on race day and will not be mailed after the fact.

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